Monday, December 29, 2008

Trentons First Christmas

A very excited "speed racer"!
Trentons favorite toy!

Playing xbox with dad

I can already tell he has a great sense of humor!

Trenton riding the horse with grandpa

We definately had a very Merry Christmas! It was so much fun having Trenton this Christmas, he is such a blessing to our family! I really thought that he was going to be going crazy for the tree, but he actually didnt pay it very much attention at all, he really wanted all the bows and ribbon under the tree!
We are all so very blessed, the true reason for the season! It is always so fun to be with family, and we are so very blessed to also have such great family, to be so close with them, and to live so close with them also! We hope you all had a very merry CHRISTmas...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a handsome fellow!

Trenton is now six month old! Wow! It seems like he just get to be more and more fun every day, we are loving every minute of our little guy. For Halloween he was definately the best looking Turkey I have ever seen

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Family Vacation

My parents took our family and Matt Ashley family to Oceanside, California. We had so much fun together, we went to the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Legoland, and we spent a couple of days at the beach and the pool! Lots of fun, the weather was good, and all the boys did so GREAT! As you can tell in the picture I think Trenton really likes cruisin in the stroller. He also must love the sound of the ocean, because it put the boy right to sleep, and I definately think he cant wait to go back and see all the animals and rides when he is a little older and not so sleepy! The only thing I think he didnt like about the trip was when I put him in the pool, poor baby, I guess we'll wait to try that one again! I also think I probably gained a few pounds, it was worth it though! Thanks mom and dad we had lots of fun!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wow Does Time Fly!

So I cannot believe that our little guy is already three months old! It makes me so sad that he is changing so fast and getting so big on me! I just wish that I could freeze him at this age, but I am sure I will love every stage. Part of me is so excited for him to get older so we can play, but I know that will be WAY TOO SOON. He is such a joy in our lives, I dont know how Jamison and I ever had fun without him! He smiles all the time, it is amazing how one smile can make any day amazing! We just feel so blessed!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trenton James Butler

Well he is finally here! May 6th at 3:03 am Trenton James 6lb 11oz, 20.5 inches. He was two weeks early, but a perfectly healthy baby boy! God is so good to us, we are so blessed! We love him so much, we will finally have something to post about!

Monday, February 4, 2008

A Little Update

Well since my last post in October we had our anniversary, a great holiday season, and Jamisons birthday was on the third of January! I went in for my ultra sound a couple of days before christmas and we found out we are having a BOY! We both said we did not care either way, but once Jamison found out it was a boy, he could not stop smiling, it was too cute! We are still working on names, any suggestions? And hopefully my next post will not be so far away, I will work on it!